Princess Eleni


Princess Eleni

Meet Princess Eleni, a bright and happy 5 year old from Greece who is battling kidney cancer.

Her family wrote us

Eleni is diagnosed with a malignant tumor in her right kidney and she is presently undergoing pre-surgery chemo. Her kidney is to be removed and more chemos will follow. Her hair is falling quite a lot at the moment and the pediatrician says that she will soon lose it all. She is a very lively child and we are trying to help her keep her spirit up during thesedifficult times. This is why her aunt suggested that we contact you and check if you could possible send us a wig so far away from you country.

As we send wigs to children anywhere in the world, we were more than happy to make this happen! After months of chemotherapy and surgery to remove her kidney, Eleni finally finished with treatment this summer! Her family wrote us again:

“The wig made someone REALLY happy! We thank you very much for sending it! Thank God she is doing well, finished the chemo at the end of June and now back to school and normality. We pray to God that she stays healthy and strong. What you do is very beautiful and gives little people a beam of happiness within a gloomy period.”  blue-snowflake

Way to crush cancer, Princess Eleni! With or without hair, you are a beautiful and strong princess and we are so happy that this wig has brought a smile to your face.

 The Magic Yarn Team

Princess Jocelyn

Meet 3 year old Princess Jocelyn!
Her mother wrote to us not long after her diagnosis:

Belle's Rose“Jocelyn was diagnosed a week after her 3rd birthday with retinoblastoma. She has long, brown, curly, thick hair all the way to her butt when it is wet. She wakes up every morning looking forward to me doing her hair. 14 days after chemo her hair started to fall out rapidly. She told me while I was brushing her hair one morning, “Mommy, me do not want my hair to go bye bye!” It was heart breaking. With the rate that her hair is going, she may only have it for 2 more days. She now has bald patches all over hear head. She doesn’t like to look at herself. Everyone keeps informing her that she is very pretty no matter what. However, she doesn’t understand what she is going through. She doesn’t understand why she is going bald. She thinks it’s a punishment for something she did wrong, even though everyone tries to tell her it isn’t. She is a very bubbly 3 year old who is now very scared!!! Her favorite character outside of Mickey Mouse is Belle. She even named her bunny rabbit after her!”Princess Jocelyn

We were more than happy to get a Belle wig made and sent to Jocelyn as soon as we could. Her mother now reports, “Jocelyn loves her Belle wig! She wears it all the time!!”
We are so grateful to the Magic Maker who spent the time to make this beautiful wig for Jocelyn. Now when she needs to escape the scary, painful, and confusing world of cancer for a bit, Jocelyn can put on her wig and become Princess Belle with long, brown curls living in an enchanted mansion! Keep smiling and dreaming, sweet Jocelyn! You have a whole army of Magic Makers behind you. <3

If you would like to learn more about how you can help support this volunteer-led project that is bringing smiles to children worldwide through the gift of soft and whimsical yarn wigs, please visit our Get Involved page.

A Gala Honoree

Tonight The Magic Yarn Project was honored to be among many caregivers, philanthropists, advocates, and volunteers who are making a difference in how we treat cancer and have been named as “The One Hundred Everyday Amazing”. It was an incredible night that brought great attention to our mission of bringing magic to cancer fighters worldwide through the gift of beautiful, volunteer-made princess yarn wigs. A huge thanks to Massachusetts General Hospital and the whole crew behind putting this incredible event together. 💖 ‪#‎theonehundred‬‪ #‎TheMagicYarnProject‬

Watch a short video that highlights 3 Gala honorees! The Magic Yarn Project’s portion begins at 7:50 🙂

  1. Rabbi Goldberg, one of the honorees, started a program called “Kids Kicking Cancer”. He teaches martial arts to children and teaches them techniques to help them focus, relax, and breathe through scary and painful medical procedures. Over 85% of these children report less pain and fear with their treatments. What he is doing for these kids is truly amazing.
  2. Megan nominated us for the honor to become one of the One Hundred Everyday Amazing. Thank you, Megan!
  3. NFL Offensive Lineman Nate Solder spoke about his and his son’s battles with cancer and has become an advocate for early detection and screening.
  4. Being represented!
  5. Liam Fitzgerald “The Fist Bump Kid” was the most precious part of the evening and easily the most popular celebrity of the event. This little cancer survivor uses his time and influence to raise thousand sand thousands of dollars for cancer research.
  6. The Magic Yarn Project, Boston One Hundred Everyday Amazing Gala fundraiser.