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Crocheted Beanie Video

In preparation for our video tutorials, check out the 5min Beanie Instruction video below! Whether you are making beanies to send to us or making beanies for your own wigs, you will have a visual idea of what your beanies will need to look like in order to make the most comfortable and beautiful wigs possible for little cancer fighters.

Our Anna Wig Tutorial (pictured above) will be released this week! It is a one of our Type 2 Beanies. Here’s the pattern.

Have fun crocheters! Thank you for using your hobby/passion for beautiful cause!


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Subscribe to our Youtube Channel!

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7 comment on “Crocheted Beanie Video

  1. Julie Reply

    I don’t know how to crochet but I do knit. Can I make beanies for your cause? My Girl Scout troop would love to help!

    1. Staff The Magic Yarn Project Reply

      Hi Julie! We don’t have a knit pattern for our beanies. But, you can knit all of the wig accessories! We love Girl Scout troops! Several troops have become involved with The Magic Yarn Project; assisting Magic Makers at workshops, donating cookie proceeds, and organizing yarn/ribbon/sticker drives. Here is a link to our ways to help page: If you need any flyers please let me know, I can create one for your specific needs 🙂 Let me know if you have any more questions! Bree

  2. Bonnie Lewis Reply

    What kind of elastic are you using- round or 1/8″ flat for the beanies? I have already made several beanies and would like to weave in the elastic before adding the hair. I work with several groups (doll makers, knit and crochet for charity, and humanitarian aid specialist in Relief Society in our church, and want to present your project to them. I just wish you had mentioned how big the Anna beanie needed to be in the beanie tutorial. Mine was 7″. I have made several snowflakes, and following the directions you linked with, they range in size from 2-1/2″ to 6″. I am adjusting the patterns to meet your 4″ to 5″ standards.

    1. Staff The Magic Yarn Project Reply

      Hi Bonnie! We have a printable flyer that you could present to your groups that summarizes what we do. As for the elastic, we typically use a 21in length of round elastic. And a 7in beanie – from crown to brim – is just perfect 🙂 Thank you so much for getting involved! If you have any more questions please drop us a note!

  3. Hope Reply

    Dear magic yarn project,
    I know how to crochet but beanies stump me. If I see a full crochet tutorial I can make it easy. I can make a bunch of flowers no problem. I would love to help the project. And if I can use my talent to help someone esle in need, it makes me happy.

  4. Sharon L Schultz Reply

    Are you any closer to having a knitted pattern? I am very interested in putting together a working group but we are all knitters and prefer to work in our favorite craft. We are really GOOD knitters and spinners!

    Do you have folks working on a knitted pattern? Perhaps we could try producing one?

    Thank you, Sharon aka Grandma Honey

    1. Staff The Magic Yarn Project Reply

      Hi Grandma Honey 🙂

      We are actually very close to finishing up a knitting pattern for our wigs!!! We will share it on our Facebook Page, and website, as soon as possible! I visited your Easy page and your work is wonderful 💖 I’m sure your help would be amazing 🙂 Bree

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