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Elsa Beanie Wig Tutorial

Introducing the tutorial for our increasingly-popular Elsa Beanie wig! Please help us fill our 1000+ wig requests from around the world by making a wig and sending it to The Magic Yarn Project to be distributed to a special little cancer fighter. Enjoy!

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3 comment on “Elsa Beanie Wig Tutorial

  1. Jeanette Reply

    Thanks for the tutorial! I’m wondering how you made the stand for the styrofoam head? Also, did you get the gems from Joanns?

    1. Staff The Magic Yarn Project Reply

      Hi Jeanette! Most of our supplies have been purchased at Michaels, but similar gems can be bought at most craft stores (and we’re not too picky about what exact gems you use). The stands we use are not necessary, but they can make it easier to make a wig, especially if you don’t have someone to help you when you style the wig.

      To make a stand…
      1. Look at the bottom of your foam head. There should be a hole, but it might be covered by a sticker. Measure the diameter of the hole.
      2. Purchase a wooden dowel the same diameter, and cut it to a height that feels comfortable to you – probably about shoulder height.
      3. You’ll also need a 2X6 plank about 3ft long.
      4. Drill a hole matching the dowel diameter and insert dowel.
      5. Push the head onto the dowel and Ta-Da!
      6. You can always buy a larger plank and drill multiple holes for multiple dowels. Great for hosting a wig party/workshop 🙂

      Please let me know if I can be of further assistance!

  2. Catnames Reply

    These are hilarious, adorable very clever! I m going to have to make time to make a wig for Halloween this year. I certainly have plenty of yarn to spare!

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