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Elsa Wig Tutorial

Introducing the Elsa wig tutorial! The Elsa wig is, not surprisingly, a very popular style with our little cancer-fighters. Please help us bring these whimsical wigs to princesses in need by making a wig today!

You will need a Type 1 white beanie and about 3hrs or selfless time 🙂 Call up a friend and have a little fun! Happy Magic Making!

Ask any questions below!

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3 comment on “Elsa Wig Tutorial

  1. Anne Arslan Reply

    I’m going to give it a go….where can I get a foam head?
    Wish me luck & stay tuned! I love this!! I’m in….

    1. Staff The Magic Yarn Project Reply

      Hi Anne!

      Most craft stores have styrofoam heads. We get most of our from Micheals. Keep in mind that the foam heads are smaller than a real child’s head, so please don’t pull too tightly when styling your wig 🙂 And make sure to try your finished product on a child to make sure it will fit properly 🙂

      Let us know if you have any other questions along the way!

      Good luck and have fun!!!

  2. Debra Fradette Reply

    I am part of a group of ladies who get together every Tuesday night to make beanies for babies, scarfs for kids in shelters, and various other projects to help the community. They donate their time, and yarns. WONDERFUL women. We would LOVE to get a project started to make these wigs. Can someone send me the patterns so that we can make the wigs, and we will gladly pay for all the supplies and ship the wigs to your organization. If you do share the patterns, can you e-mail them to me at nanafradette@yahoo.com. The tutorials are hard for some of the ladies to see and/or hear (we’re a community of older folks). Thank you in advance for your assistance. What a wonderful blessing for these children.

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