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Host Workshops

If you or your friends/church/neighborhood/etc group would like to host a workshop to make princess wigs, here’s how you can!

  1. Send The Magic Yarn Project 2 examples of one wig style. (Ex. 2 Elsa wigs or 2 Ariel wigs or 2 Rapunzel wigs…)
  2. The Magic Yarn Project will then inspect them for quality control and contact you to let you know if they great…or almost great 🙂
  3. If your wig examples are great then you will be known hence forth as a Fairy Godmother!
  4. Send The Magic Yarn Project a FULLY REFUNDABLE check deposit for $200
  5. 10 Wig Kits will then be shipped to you. Wig kits includes: beanie, wig accessories, and a greeting card to sign.
  6. Gather your group and have some wig-making fun!
  7. Send your finished wigs to The Magic Yarn Project within 2 months.
  8. If all 10 wigs are great, then we rip up your deposit check 🙂
  9. Feel the warm and fuzzies from making a difference in a young child’s tough times.
  10. Follow us on to maybe see a photo of a little one wearing your creation.

We are currently filming high-resolution video instructions to help walk you through the process, that way we can maintain the softness and look needed to adorn these beautiful princess heads the wigs will be sent to! See all Video Tutorials

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