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Host Workshops

If you or your friends/church/neighborhood/etc group would like to host a workshop to make princess wigs, here’s how you can!

1. Watch a wig tutorial video and make 2 wigs on your own 🙂  Then send them to The Magic Yarn Project. (make sure you always go through the final checklist! Checklist PDF)

2. We will then send you 6 wig kits, so you can then teach a few friends how to make the wigs!

3. Once those 6 have been returned to us (and are perfect), we will send up to 20 wig kits so that you and your wig-making friends can put on a workshop. 

***If you’d like to host a workshop of more than 6 people, please have 3-4 experienced wig makers to help you maintain the quality of the workshop’s finished wigs. 

4. Send your finished wigs to The Magic Yarn Project, or local treatment centers with our approval.

5. Feel the warm and fuzzies from making a difference in a young child’s tough times ❤️

6. Follow us on to maybe see a photo of a little one wearing your creation!

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