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What We Need

Updated 5/115/2017

Thank you so much for checking out our current list of needed Magic needs!!! All supplies can be purchased at our Magic Market or most craft stores.

  1. 🌸 SUPERHERO BEANIES! At the very bottom of our crochet patterns page. You will find a lot of sample patterns for crocheted superhero beanies. Hospitals and cancer centers tell us that children are LOVING these beanies, but unfortunately we have received very few from our crocheting Magic Makers and are completely out! We are also receiving individual requests for these beanies and so far, Batman and Ninja Turtles seem to be the most popular. We could literally use several hundred of these beanies right now, so if you love to crochet, this is a great opportunity for you to make a big difference for cancer-fighting superheroes.  
  2. 🌸 DECORATED ENVELOPES. We need hundreds of envelopes (measuring 5.25″ X 7.25″) to go with our Magic Yarn greeting cards that accompany each wig. Envelopes can be decorated with stickers and stamps, should be left blank in the middle so they can be addressed to their recipient, and should be character-specific to match the wig or beanie that will accompany it. We are in greatest need of: superhero envelopes (Batman, Superman, Spiderman, Ninja Turtles, Captain America, Iron Man), Elsa envelopes, generic princess envelopes (for our rainbow wigs), Ariel envelopes, and Rapunzel envelopes. (***Sample pictures attached below***)
  3. 🌸 BEANIES. We are desperate for Jack Sparrow beanies and Type 2  Anna beanies (we are completely out of both!). We could also use more Type 2  blue and white Elsa beanies as well as Type 3 Beanie in the following colors: black, red, yellow (Caron Simply Soft in “Sunshine”), and white.
  4. 🌸 COMPLETED WIGS. Rapunzel remains our most popular wig and we never seem to have enough to keep up with demand! Whether a full-headed wig or a beanie-style Rapunzel wig (see our “tips and tricks” video on our website for ideas on the beanie style Rapunzel), we would LOVE to have more on-hand to fill our hospital orders with. We also could use more Jack Sparrow wigs right now!

    Thank-you, Magic Makers, for continuing to answer the call to do your part to bring magic to children worldwide who are fighting cancer. We continue to receive such positive and loving feedback from parents, siblings, doctors, nurses, and even passers-by who witness the joy these wigs are bringing to these children. You are doing so much good.

See more examples here!!!

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