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What We Need

Updated 1/9/2017

Thank you so much for checking out our current list of needed Magic needs!!! All supplies can be purchased at our Magic Market or most craft stores.


  • About 8 inches across (Not in full circles)
  • Does not need to be soft yarn
  • Colors: purple/lavender (Rapunzel), soft blues and silvers (Elsa), teal (Jasmine), purple/sea green/turquoise/teal (Ariel), yellow/gold (Belle)
  • Sample patterns here

Bedazzled flowers
  • Colors: Purples (for Rapunzel)
    • sizes ranging from 2-6 inches.  We needs hundreds in the 2 inch size! 
  • Where to buy: Bouquets/sprays can be found at any craft store or WalMart.
  • How to make: Just take apart layered fake flowers, arrange and glue in assorted colors and layers, and bedazzle to your heart’s delight!  

See more examples here!!!

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